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Lumenis® Pulse™ 120H

Pulse120004_WBkgOpenning.jpgWhy choose a system that limits you only to BPH?

Treat BPH, Stones and Bladder Tumours with Lumenis® Pulse™ 120H

list.png BPH – HoLEP and Vaporisation
list.png Heritage - 25 years of experience
list.png Innovation - Lumenis® Pulse™ 120H - the all-in-one system provides a superior solution for 4 different procedures

- Enucleation 
- Vaporisation 
- Flexible Urethroscopy 
- PCNL Experience - Extensive body of published papers  

list.png Support - Best in Class Mentorship Programme Holmium Academy

Holmium Academy website


GreenLight XPS was found to be cost incurring compared with HoLEP by £315 per patient

GreenLight XPS is not recommended for high risk patients 

list.png patients with urinary retention
list.png taking anticoagulation therapy
list.png prostates more than 100ml 
list.png not effective for prostates more 80ml grams 

NICE Guidance Published: 14 June 2016

NICE guidelines


Use the effective method of treating all BPH patients

Lumenis Holmium BPH treatments – the versatile option

list.png BPH – HoLEP and Vaporisation
list.png Stones Bladder
list.png Tumours
list.png PCNL