A New Era in Surgical Microscopy

ARRISCOPE is the world's first high-definition, fully digital surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. For the first time in surgical microscopy, the Surgeon sees in his binocular a high-quality 3D digital image, instead of through an optical image path.

ARRISCOPE enables surgical assistants, students and other staff to see and record precisely the same view, with the same quality as the surgeon.

  • First fully digital binocular in surgical use 
  • Ergo-View for more mobility 
  • Education in a new dimension 
  • Innovative platform for research 
  • Multispectral illumination

Why Digital?

The digital image can be recorded and multiplied without any quality losses. Surgical assistants, students and staff can therefore follow an operation procedure in all its details and in three dimensions, bringing immense advantages for education and training.

As well as these immediate benefits, the digital platform offers the promise of further enhancements as new options to enrich the digital microscope image are developed.


As a global leader in motion picture technology with nearly 100 years of innovative product development experience, ARRI is uniquely qualified to also play a pioneering role in medical digital image acquisition.

Used for many Oscar®-winning movies, the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system is the core engine of the ARRISCOPE, delivering high-contrast, sharp and brilliant high-definition images of the surgical field.

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